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Cause we're all 15 at heart...

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Apr 19 '11

I am a Backstreet Boys fan.
Supporting everytime Backstreet’s Back
And all the way into the Millennium
Even when things went Black & Blue
And I saw them close this Chapter One
I knew they were Never Gone
Cause they are Unbreakable
So This Is Us, the backstreet fans.

April 20th, 1993, Sea Wolrd Orlando. Five boys took over a stage, having no clue that only a few years later they would take over the world. 18 years later they’re still here and still doing what they love most: Singing and dancing. 18 years later we, their fans, still strongly support and love them, cause they changed our lives, cause they were there when no one else has, cause they’ve grown with us, cause we’ve shared the best and the worst.

18 years later they’re still here and we’re still here going strong and Keeping the Backstreet Pride alive now and forever.


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    @backstreetboys #BSB18Anniversary I am a Backstreet Boys fan. Supporting everytime Backstreet’s Back And all the way...
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    I read this and nearly cried. Backstreet fan fo’ life.
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